I have been on learning spree during weekends due to COVID Lockdown. 

These are some of the best courses available for FREE OF COST

Thanks to many Technology companies & online learning platforms for offering them free. I am sharing direct links. I do not get any referral or monetary commission when you complete the course. Of course, you will get knowledge.

You can bookmark this URL. I will keep updating this page whenever I come across a new course. All courses are available for FREE at the time of posting.

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# UPDATED On 15 May 2020

1. Microsoft - Azure certification
The course will cover general cloud computing concepts as well as general cloud computing models and services such as public, private, and hybrid cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). It will also cover some core Azure services and solutions, as well as key Azure pillar services concerning security, privacy, compliance, and trust. Finally, it will cover pricing and support services available with Azure.
Link - https://info.microsoft.com/US-AzureApp-CATALOG-FY20-05May-12-TrainingAzure900fundamentalsforeducation-SRDEM15957_CatalogDisplayPage.html?fbclid=IwAR0E3ahbcZfbyiTLhHMS_AAYGUTULGetPLfSb55eLRQMZVobgnBeronXTY0

2. ICS Security training by Homeland security - 
Link - https://ics-cert-training.inl.gov/learn

3. Fortinet Certification
Cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals and teleworkers can take advantage of Fortinet’s complete online, self-paced curriculum of cybersecurity training courses at no cost, until the end of 2020. Courses cover everything from basic cybersecurity awareness training to advanced training on security-driven networking, dynamic cloud security, AI-driven security operations and zero-trust network access.
Link - https://www.fortinet.com/training/cybersecurity-professionals.html

4. Free Vulnerability management training
On-demand course topics range from Vulnerability Assessment to Compliance, Auditing to Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs). Available for all Tenable.io™, Nessus®, Tenable.sc™ (formerly SecurityCenter®) and Nessus® Network Monitor products, the on-demand courses are ideal for security analysts, knowledge workers and other professionals using or evaluating the Tenable product suite.
Link - https://www.tenable.com/education/on-demand-courses

5. SAN's free cyber security course
This course develops the knowledge and skills needed to master the core concepts in cyber security. Course material is updated regularly to keep pace with changes in technology and threat landscape. Students come away with a solid foundation for building a career in cybersecurity or just strengthening their own home network.
Link - https://www.cyberaces.org/courses.html

6. Cisco on Cyber Security
Cisco Networking Academy. Build your skills today, online. It’s Free!
Link - https://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_sg/partners/cisco-networking-academy/index.html

7. IBM Security Learning Academy
Link - https://www.securitylearningacademy.com/local/navigator/index.php


9. Coursera
Developing AI Applications on Azure
Link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/developing-ai-applications-azure

Machine Learning for Business Professionals
Link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning-business-professionals

Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning
Link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/aws-machine-learning

10. Mobilyze Tool Training
Mobilyze Tool Training is a software-specific tutorial course, offered both as self-paced and in-classroom formats. During the two hours allocated for Mobilyze Tool Training, students learn the functionality of Mobilyze and how to use the tool to quickly triage and acquire Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) device data. As with other BlackBag courses, Mobilyze Tool Training is designed with a hands-on approach, helping to ensure that students walk away feeling confident and proficient as Mobilyze users.
Link - https://www.blackbagtech.com/training/courses/mobilyze-tool-training/

11. Free Short Course: Digital Forensics
This short course was designed to provide you an accelerated high-level view of the emerging and evolving digital forensics field. Students will develop an understanding about the role of digital forensic investigator and learn about the forensics process without going into the details of complex legal aspects of the field. One of the salient features of the course is the use of some popular forensic and data acquisition tools and performing hands-on exercises to acquire and validate data from various sources which include cloud, mobile devices and online social networks.
Link - https://www.itmasters.edu.au/free-short-course-digital-forensics/

12. Machine Learning
This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition. Topics include: (i) Supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks). (ii) Unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning). (iii) Best practices in machine learning (bias/variance theory; innovation process in machine learning and AI).
Link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning

13. Machine Learning with Python
This course dives into the basics of machine learning using an approachable, and well-known programming language, Python. In this course, we will be reviewing two main components: First, you will be learning about the purpose of Machine Learning and where it applies to the real world. Second, you will get a general overview of Machine Learning topics such as supervised vs unsupervised learning, model evaluation, and Machine Learning algorithms.
Link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning-with-python

14. Neural Networks and Deep Learning
you will learn the foundations of deep learning. When you finish this class, you will:
- Understand the major technology trends driving Deep Learning
- Be able to build, train and apply fully connected deep neural networks
- Know how to implement efficient (vectorized) neural networks
- Understand the key parameters in a neural network’s architecture
Link - https://www.coursera.org/learn/neural-networks-deep-learning?

15. Advanced Machine Learning Specialization
Deep Dive Into The Modern AI Techniques. You will teach computer to see, draw, read, talk, play games and solve industry problems. This specialization gives an introduction to deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language understanding, computer vision and Bayesian methods. Top Kaggle machine learning practitioners and CERN scientists will share their experience of solving real-world problems and help you to fill the gaps between theory and practice.
Link - https://www.coursera.org/specializations/aml

# UPDATED On 25th May 2020

16. TCS Career Edge - Knockdown the Lockdown
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is offering 15 days course *Free of cost* so that students can utilize the lockdown period  productively to sharpen their skills.

This course comprises the following modules:
DAY 1: Communicate to Impress
DAY 2: Deliver Presentations with Impact
DAY 3: Develop Soft Skills for the Workplace
DAY 4: Gain Guidance from Career Gurus
DAY 5: Write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter
DAY 6: Stay Ahead in Group Discussions
DAY 7: Ace Corporate Interviews
DAY 8: Learn Corporate Etiquette
DAY 9: Write Effective Emails
DAY 10: Learn Corporate Telephone Etiquette
DAY 11: Understand Accounting Fundamentals
DAY 12: Gain Foundational Skills in IT
DAY 13: Understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Part 1
DAY 14: Understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Part 2
DAY 15: Assessment

To Register Click: https://learning.tcsionhub.in/courses/career-edge/

17. Free Autopsy Training
Autopsy® is a digital forensics platform that was first released in 2000.  It was first as the graphical interface for The Sleuth Kit® (TSK), but has expanded to be a full end-to-end forensics suite.

This course is also free to US Law Enforcement agents (local, state, and federal) through the end of the year.

Link - https://www.autopsy.com/support/training/covid-19-free-autopsy-training/

18. 96 Online Courses from Harvard University
Link - https://online-learning.harvard.edu/catalog?keywords=&paid%5B1%5D=1&max_price=&start_date_range%5Bmin%5D%5Bdate%5D=&start_date_range%5Bmax%5D%5Bdate%5D

19. Red Hat Courses
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview (RH024) - 

Red Hat Agile Integration Technical Overview (DO040) - https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/do040-red-hat-agile-integration-technical-overview

Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation Technical Overview (DO007) - https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/do007-ansible-essentials-simplicity-automation-technical-overview

Deploying Containerized Applications Tech Overview (DO080) - https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/do080-deploying-containerized-applications-technical-overview

Red Hat Satellite Technical Overview (RH053) - https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/rh053-red-hat-satellite-technical-overview

Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010) - https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/cl010-red-hat-openstack-technical-overview

Virtualization and Infrastructure Migration Technical Overview (RH018) - https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/rh018-virtualization-and-infrastructure-migration-technical-overview

20. (ISC)2 - Utilizing Big Data Course - $USD 200 Worth Course

In light of current challenges, (ISC)² is offering non-members reduced pricing on timely online training courses to make continuing education credits easily accessible. For a limited time, get free access to our Utilizing Big Data Express Learning course so you can become familiar with our trainings before you commit.

Link - https://www.isc2.org/Development/PDI-Promotion#

21. Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty
Microsoft has launched a new course for developers who are looking to venture into the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. Microsoft has announced Azure IoT Developer Speciality training, a certification course which is free. This new course was announced during the Microsoft Build conference. Microsoft had introduced the platform in beta in the month of January.

It will enhance knowledge on know how to implement the Azure services that form an IoT solution, including data analysis, data processing, data storage options and platform-as-a-service options.

The free online learning to support this certification is available on Microsoft Learn. Candidates who want an instructor-led course can achieve it for a fee.

Link - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/azure-iot-developer-specialty

23. Stanford University - CS 253 Web Security

This course is a comprehensive overview of web security. The goal is to build an understanding of the most common web attacks and their countermeasures. Given the pervasive insecurity of the modern web landscape, there is a pressing need for programmers and system designers to improve their understanding of web security issues.

Topics include: Principles of web security, attacks and countermeasures, the browser security model, web app vulnerabilities, injection, denial-of-service, TLS attacks, privacy, fingerprinting, same-origin policy, cross site scripting, authentication, JavaScript security, emerging threats, defense-in-depth, and techniques for writing secure code. Course projects include writing security exploits, defending insecure web apps, and implementing emerging web standards.

Link - https://web.stanford.edu/class/cs253/

# UPDATED On 6th June 2020

24. AccessData Forensics Certifications
AccessData offers industry-leading solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands. For more than 30 years, AccessData has worked with more than 130,000 clients in law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world to understand and focus on their unique collection-to-analysis needs. 

The AccessData Certified Investigator 
Link - https://training.accessdata.com/exam/accessdata-certified-investigator

AccessData Summation Certified Administrator (SCA) 
Link - https://training.accessdata.com/exam/summation-certified-administator

AccessData Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCCM) 
Link - https://training.accessdata.com/exam/summation-certified-case-management-sccm

25. CS 771A: Introduction to Machine Learning 
2019-20 winter offering of the course CS 771A (Introduction to Machine Learning) by Purushottam Kar, IIT Kanpur, India
Link - https://github.com/purushottamkar/ml19-20w

26. Digital Forensic - Training Materials by CIRCL Luxembourg
CIRCL is the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team/Computer Security Incident Response Team) for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg.
Link - https://www.circl.lu/services/forensic-training-materials/

27. CS285: Deep Reinforcement Learning, UC Berkeley | Fall 2019
Link - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkFD6_40KJIwhWJpGazJ9VSj9CFMkb79A

28. NLP with Deep Learning, Stanford | Winter 2019
Natural language processing (NLP) is a crucial part of artificial intelligence (AI), modeling how people share information. In recent years, deep learning approaches have obtained very high performance on many NLP tasks. In this course, students gain a thorough introduction to cutting-edge neural networks for NLP.
Link - http://web.stanford.edu/class/cs224n/index.html#schedule

29. MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning | 2020
MIT's introductory course on deep learning methods with applications to computer vision, natural language processing, biology, and more! Students will gain foundational knowledge of deep learning algorithms and get practical experience in building neural networks in TensorFlow. Course concludes with a project proposal competition with feedback from staff and panel of industry sponsors. Prerequisites assume calculus (i.e. taking derivatives) and linear algebra (i.e. matrix multiplication), we'll try to explain everything else along the way! Experience in Python is helpful but not necessary.
Link - http://introtodeeplearning.com/

30. Juniper Networks Associate Certifications
Juniper is offering free voucher for below exam.You have to complete the learning path to get free pearson voucher. Practice set has unlimited attempt and assessment need to complete to get voucher (only 3 attempt).
Junos, Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC)
Cloud, Associate (JNCIA-Cloud)
Automation and DevOps, Associate (JNCIA-DevOps)
Design, Associate (JNCDA)

Link - https://learningportal.juniper.net/juniper/user_activity_info.aspx?id=11478

More coming soon....

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