Welcome to The Secure Planet. This page provides high level overview about this website & it's owner. I have personally coded & designed this website.

  • All posts & views on this website are "strictly personal". It has NO relation with my past, present & future employers :)        
  • This is not a "breaking hacking news" website. No section/post of this website supports/teaches hacking by any means & believes in stringent adherence to law.
  • All posts on this website are posted only after verification from credible sources. I would be happy to remove the content in case of request from law enforcement of any country or DMCA.
  • I do not share my personal scripts & don't blog during working hours. I update this website based on my free time.
  • You will be solely responsible for usage of any content/tools shared on this site. This website or it's owner cannot be held responsible if you don't know how to use them in responsible manner.
Who am I?
I started from scratch learning basics of systems/network & playing with Python/Perl. I did not jump to this career because its considered cool & in high demand now. I started my career in the world of Information Security in 1990s due to pure passion on this subject. This passion keeps me kicking. 
Jobs die, passion don't :)

I am a geek at heart & pure techie by mind who has "hands-on" experience on following domains & technologies.
  • Thought leadership at CxO board executive committee
  • Risk Management, Corporate security consulting
  • Cyber Security, Intelligence & Cyber warfare
  • Corporate Governance & Legal Regulatory Compliance
  • Computer Forensics, Law & Enforcement Cyber Crime prevention
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Exploits, Bug bounties
  • Product Cyber Security; Industrial Internet & Internet of Things (IoT) Security
I personally believe hackers & security professionals are two sides of the same coin. It just depends on "motive" of the click after all everyone uses keyboard & mouse.

What do I do?
  • Professionally - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) (more on LinkedIn)
  • Learn everyday something new in IT/Cyber Security world.
  • Strong supporter of Entrepreneurship & Startup Eco-system.
  • Mentor numerous IT & NON-IT start-up founders & guide on NexGen solutions/products.
  • Help start-ups on Venture funding 

Brief about Sections of www.TheSecurePlanet.com 
  • Audit Compliance, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, Information Security - Purely covers anything & everything in IT/Cyber Security world.
  • Entrepreneurship - Covers Startups & New ideas which makes this world a better place.
  • General - Interesting things which does not fit in any sections
  • Science - I am fascinated by Milky way galaxy & strongly believe that humans are not alone in this vast universe. I still wonder how did humans & many living things arrived on Earth and my search continues.
  • Tech Tips - Tech knowledge tips
  • Jobs –  I do not charge any amount or take referral from placement agencies/HR. I post for larger benefit of community & help someone in career growth. I provide personal recommendation if I know a person well. Oh, I don’t post the job if I am interested in it :)

I have learned a lot on Information Security from friends, colleagues, students & mentors. This website is my small effort to share my knowledge & give back to the community.

Warm regards,
The Secure Planet