The cursor will be moved to zero coordinates (can be changed, line 23) after starting the application.

If the cursor is moved, the computer camera will take 1 photo, and the mss module will take 1 screenshot of the screen, all this will be sent to the telegram channel (need to be created), after a delay of 1-3 seconds. the procedure will be repeated again. Then there will be a delay of 5 seconds, the cursor will be moved to the coordinate that is written on line 76, this is done in case someone accidentally hits the computer mouse!

To work, you need to create a telegram bot and write down its token on line 13, and on line 14, enter the id of the channel where the photos will be sent. Bot needs to be added as an admin!

After you have filled in the 13th and 14th scale, you can build the .exe file by running the command in cmd:  pyinstaller -F --onefile --nocosole

Create a shortcut to the program and add to startup: c:\Users\ACCOUNT LOGIN\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup this will allow the program to start even after a system reboot.

The key combination alt + a (line 41) will put the program into standby mode and move the cursor to coordinates 500, 500 (to understand that the program is not active)

The key combination ctrl + alt (line 33) will put the program into active mode

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