This program alerts you to take micro breaks, rest breaks and limits your daily computer usage.

It monitors your keyboard and mouse usage and uses this information to prevent your health from getting worse.

Microbreaks: Workrave often reminds you of a little break. Usually every 3 minutes there is a micro-break that lasts about 30 seconds. The exact duration and frequency of the microblock can be fully customized. During a micro break, you can let go of your keyboard and mouse, take your eyes off the screen, and relax a bit.

Rest breaks: Several times a day, Workrave reminds you to take a break from your computer. The rest break usually lasts about 10 minutes every 45 minutes, but the duration and frequency are configurable. During your rest break, you can walk, stretch and relax.

Daily limit: Workrave tracks the amount of time you use your computer. When you have reached your configured daily computer usage limit, you will be prompted to stop using your computer for the day.

Statistics: You can see the number of breaks per day you have taken as well as the number of breaks you have ignored and postponed. Also available is the amount of time you use your computer daily, weekly, and monthly.

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